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  • 3rd July 2015
    It is now five years since Jewel of Muscat made her triumphant entry to Singapore after her epic voyage from Oman. After setting sail on February 16th, 2010 from Muscat Jewel had to battle scorching calms and raging seas before she finally reached Singapore on July 3rd 2010.
  • The lines are cast ashore.
    Memories of Jewel on her fifth Anniversary

    The fifth anniversary of Jewel of Muscat's arrival in Singapore will be an occasion for vivid memories among those who shared in this great event. For nearly 5 months the ship was home to her crew as she followed the ancient trade route east from Muscat to Singapore. During her epic voyage she survived raging storms and sweltering calms. Her two masts had to be replaced after terrible batterings from the ocean and one storm broke her lower yard arm.
    But she came through everything with what has become known as the Spirit of Jewel. As her Captain Saleh Al Jabri wrote when she reached Singapore safely: "For nearly five months, this ship has been our kitchen and our cradle, our office and our classroom. Our lives have depended upon her, in the most adverse weather conditions on tossing seas and in driving winds. She has not failed us. She has surprised and perplexed us on many occasions. But she has proven loyal and true, exceeding our expectations, and above all protecting our lives."


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Jewel of Muscat

Jewel of Muscat has completed her voyage from Oman to Singapore where she is to be handed over to the people of Singapore as a gift from Oman.


Jewel in Singapore

Up to a million people a year are expected to visit Jewel in her new home, the Maritime Experiential Museum and Aquarium at the heart of Sentosa Resorts world.

The Museum was opened by H.E Sayyid Badr bin Hamad Albusaidi Secretary General of Oman's Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Goh Chok Tong, Emeritus Senior Minister of Singapore in a ceremony.

Jewel is displayed on two floors of the high tech museum so that visitors can view both her deck and her unique sewn hull.